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Local Business Spotlights

Union County Neighbor to Neighbor Celebrates Five Years of “Filling the Gaps”

Picture this: You’re home recovering from surgery. You’ve been able to manage most days, thanks to a family member who’s been staying with you to help with bigger tasks like cooking and laundry. And then the light bulb over your... Continue Reading →

Ribbon Box Cakery: Serving the community, one cupcake at a time

On the day we met Denene Keifer of The Ribbon Box Cakery, she had just finished baking 26 dozen cookies that a customer had ordered only that morning. Although the order came with almost no notice, Keifer and her team simply... Continue Reading →

Kinship & Cabernet: Dalton Union winery turns strangers into friends

Marysville's own Dalton Union Winery has seen success far surpassing what owners Dale and Tonya Mabry could have expected. But a love for wine-making and wine-drinking, and a knack for hospitality, have turned this couple into the county's connoisseurs. Dale... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at 2018 from UCN2N

If you're considering a worthwhile way to give back to the community, either with your time, talents, or financial resources, please check out the letter below from our friends at Union County Neighbor to Neighbor. You will learn how many... Continue Reading →

Silver Scene Players Shine a Light on Community

Spend some time with the members of local theater troupe Silver Scene Players and you'll hear one word come up again and again. Community. Whether they're referring to their own community of actors and production staff, the local community of... Continue Reading →

SLIDESHOW: Wounded Warrior Dogs

We recently had the privilege of touring the Wounded Warrior Dogs project, an art exhibit that was on display  in an uptown storefront. The project is the work of James Mellick, a local artist who has exhibited his work all... Continue Reading →

PREVIEW: Union County’s New Visitors Center

We recently had the chance to preview the new Union County Visitors Center. Named Union Station 1820, the Union County Convention & Visitors Bureau hopes the space will serve as a starting point for visitors beginning their journeys in Union... Continue Reading →

SNEAK PEEK: Bluebird Retirement Community

Last week, we had the chance to tour the impressive new Bluebird Retirement Community in Marysville. With one highly successful location in London, Ohio, the folks behind Bluebird Retirement Community decided to expand their reach to Marysville, offering Union County's... Continue Reading →

Breathing Deep and Feeling Good at City Salt Spa

This week, we visited the new City Salt Spa in Plain City. The City Salt Spa offers natural salt therapy treatments that relieve symptoms related to asthma, allergies and skin conditions, like eczema. Using a process known as Halotherapy, (which dates... Continue Reading →

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