Last week, we had the chance to tour the impressive new Bluebird Retirement Community in Marysville. With one highly successful location in London, Ohio, the folks behind Bluebird Retirement Community decided to expand their reach to Marysville, offering Union County’s senior population a state-of-the-art, luxury assisted living community right in their backyard. With a variety of living options, gorgeous outdoor spaces and an undeniably Marysville flavor, Bluebird is filling up fast with residents eager to take advantage of this thriving community.

When we met the incredible staff at Bluebird, one thing that became clear is how passionate they are. Every person we met seemed so excited about the work they were doing at Bluebird, and eager to share their expertise and compassion with members of the Bluebird community. See below for pictures of this beautiful new facility and the amazing touches that make it uniquely “Marysville.”

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