If you’re considering a worthwhile way to give back to the community, either with your time, talents, or financial resources, please check out the letter below from our friends at Union County Neighbor to Neighbor. You will learn how many ways and opportunities there are to contribute and also learn how UCN2N has impacted our community over the past year. If you would like more information about how you can get involved, you will find contact information for UCN2N at the bottom of the letter.

To Our Neighbors:
Happy New Year! As 2018 comes to an end, we want to give you a quick look at the past year. For some of our Union County Neighbors, staying in their home and staying connected to the community can be challenging. Union County Neighbor to Neighbor is a membership-based non-profit that fills a community gap connecting members to volunteers in order to provide services. Some of these services include (but are not limited to):

Transportation: Includes “out of county” requests, requests to visit family or friends, appointments, errands and more. Many transportation requests are outside of what traditional service agencies provide. Membership in UCN2N makes these trips affordable for seniors who may otherwise have to pay someone individually.

Errands: For individuals who cannot leave home easily, volunteers can run errands. This can include: prescription pickup, assistance with filling out and submitting applications for government assistance, grocery shopping, meal prep, and more.

Outdoor Projects: Volunteers assist with outside maintenance that promotes safety. Requests like these include: filling in holes in the yard where trees were recently removed, trimming back bushes from walkways, shoveling snow and more.

Isolated Household Tasks:  Many individuals are able to still do much of their household cleaning, but need assistance with things like: moving furniture, replacing smoke detectors, moving items from a high shelf, and taking items up the stairs.

Technology Support: These requests can include: help with setting up an iPad, tablet, computer etc., assistance with a number of technological programs, TV set up and more.

Social Visits: Volunteers visit with members to provide social interaction.

A Look at 2018:

  • Since opening in July of 2016, UCN2N has coordinated almost 900 service requests for our members. Over 400 of those services were in 2018. Almost daily, someone is being served by our volunteers. We look forward to growing and serving more members in 2019 and beyond.
  • Our summer “Firecracker” scholarship fundraiser raised over $2,000.
  • UCN2N was selected as the Silver Scene Player’s fall production beneficiary which raised over $1,300.
  • UCN2N became a United Way Partner Agency.
  • UCN2N received a grant award from Union County Senior Services for 2019.

As 2018 closes out and you consider donating your money to a worthy cause, please consider a donation to Union County Neighbor to Neighbor. We accept general donations, membership gifts and gifts to our scholarship program. To donate, please call 877-354-8262 or mail a check to UCN2N, PO Box 278 Marysville, OH 43040.

To donate your time in 2019, please email our volunteer coordinator Linda Fisher at volunteers@ucn2n.org and ask about how you can become a volunteer. We welcome both groups and individuals!

Thank you for your support in 2018!

UCN2N Board and Staff