This week, we visited the new City Salt Spa in Plain City. The City Salt Spa offers natural salt therapy treatments that relieve symptoms related to asthma, allergies and skin conditions, like eczema. Using a process known as Halotherapy, (which dates back to the days of Cleopatra!) finely ground pharmaceutical-grade salt is released into the air in sterile micro-climates known as Salt Rooms. These rooms offer relaxing music, soft lighting and comfortable reclining chairs to allow visitors to soak in the therapeutic environment in utmost peace and serenity.

The City Salt Spa also has a special salt room designed for children. Disguised as a sand box, kids play in coarse ground Himalayan salt to relieve their symptoms, while having fun digging for buried treasure.

The spa also offers other therapeutic treatments, such as aromatherapy with essential oils and a variety of massage styles, depending on your needs. The spa also hosts Salty Yoga on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and select Saturdays.

We visited the spa and were so relaxed. The warm lighting from the salt lamps and isolated environment offered us a chance to detach and unwind while soaking in the salt treatment. We definitely felt like the treatment opened up our sinuses, even after just one session!

Jessica Bertorello, an RN with an extensive medical background, opened up City Salt Spa after seeing firsthand the incredible benefits of salt therapy on her son who suffered from sinus infections. She wanted to share this alternative method to antibiotics for anyone plagued by allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues

With allergy season on the horizon, Jessica said now is the perfect time to begin salt therapy.

“I’ve suffered from seasonal allergies all my life,” Jessica said. “I used to have pockets full of tissues all season long. Now, I don’t need them.”

If you’ve been thinking about trying out the City Salt Spa, March is a great time to test it out. The spa is offering a “buy one, get one” deal on sessions for adults, select days in March. Bring a friend and try out the spa for just $10 each.

The City Salt Spa is located at  218 W Main St. in Plain City. You can find out more info here. Or follow them on Facebook here.