Due to all the uncertainty still surrounding COVID, we’re still sticking to recommending events where social distancing is possible. Keep your distance, wear a mask if you can and hopefully we’ll all still be able to experience summer fun, while staying safe.

Trivia Night at Dalton Union
Put your knowledge to the test on July 10 at Dalton Union while sipping on wine and munching on fresh hand-cut fries from the Fryer Cliffs food truck.

Peaches at Dutch Mill Greenhouse
Dutch Mill Greenhouse will again host The Peach Truck this month on July 18. You must pre-order your peaches by 11:59pm on July 13 for this tour stop. Check The Peach Truck’s site for more info.

Live Music at Leon’s Garage
Every weekend in July Leon’s will host bands on their stage to set the mood for a fun night out! Not comfortable yet with indoor dining? Check out Leon’s spacious patio for another option. The restaurant has also instituted many guidelines to keep patrons and staff safe. Check their site and social media for more info.

Night Swimming at Marysville Pool
Monday nights in July season pass holders can swim after the sun goes down at the Marysville Pool. Social distancing rules will be enforced.

Kids Gardening Club at Scheiderer Farms
Enjoy some fresh air and the simple pleasure of playing in the dirt! Scheiderer Farms will host Kids Gardening Club events Wednesday mornings through the end of July.